Lots of new information and game trailers were released during GamesCom and Kung Fu High Impact was one of the games to show off a new video. We’ve already seen a gameplay from this game and a couple of screenshots but that was about it. Until now. Check out the brand new trailer and the confirmed game feature!

Object scanning

What the trailer does not show but was mentioned by Virtual Air Guitar on Youtube as a comment to the game teaser (the teaser is the short version of the trailer available below) is that you can scan your own weapon and bring it into the game.

On Kinect, there is no limits on the length of your everyday object / weapons you want to bring into the game. So you could even have a spear to wreak havoc among your enemies. Of course we don’t recommend using anything that may cause damage around your living room. Soft and light items like foam sticks are best. There is also one augmented weapon in the game.

– Virtual Air Guitar

Now, that sounds pretty cool. Check out the trailer!


Thanks to 123KINECT visitor Corellianrogue for submitting this news!