A Dutch site interviewed a couple of consumers at GamesCom (official website) and asked them on their opinion on Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move. As you may know by now, Kinect is Microsoft’s way of showing that you do not need a device in order to control technology: you only need your body and voice in order to do so (more on Kinect here). Sony’s Move remote is a device similar to the Wii in terms of functionality, but offers a bit more accuracy and ofcourse has the Playstation 3 HD graphics that the Wii lacks.

Kinect vs. Move

It’s interesting to hear what the audience at a large event as the GamesCom in Cologne, Germany has to say on both devices. We’re hoping it will help you make a sound decision. Here’s what they had to say (from 0:30 the English part starts).

As is clear from the video: it depends on what you are looking for as a customer whether you will choose Kinect or Move. What will you be looking for: Kinect, Move or both?