You might know Rayman Raving Rabbids from the Wii, where they have a whole range of very comical mini-games that often have a bit of an adult humor edge to them (and that’s why I really love it). That same concept is coming to Kinect and of course the Rabbids are back with more insane stuff, just that this time you are the controller and things will be even more immersive! We played a very stripped down version of the game at Gamescom which unfortunately only had two mini-games available. Still, we got a good impression on what the final game will have to offer. Read about our experiences below!

Hole in the Wall what?

I recently had the chance to play and review the quite terrible Hole in the Wall Kinect (check my review here). The first mini-game we played in Rabbids Alive & Kicking is very similar to Hole in the Wall: The players have to take up insane poses to fill in a silhouette and hold that pose for a while to finish the stage.

The great thing here is that you can play this game with up to four people (actually, the Gamescom guy that was presenting it believed the number of players is unlimited) and work together to fill up the silhouette. Combine that with the fact that you have to hold the pose for quite some time and you get a mini-game that is as fun as the old school Twister! You and your friends will take on ridiculous poses and will try to hold them without falling over. I played this with Raluca and the Gamescom guy and seriously had so much fun!

The whole game is also a bit like a yoga workout: after playing this your muscles will hurt in places you have never felt before. The tracking of Kinect also work flawless (unlike with Hole in the Wall) and this just makes for a minigame that is infinite times better that the 800 points costing Hole in the Wall. I would get Rabbids Alive & Kicking just for this single mini-game.

Not if you have downstairs neighbors

The second (and last) game we played was called stomp the rabbids or something. The game shows an image of you and your surroundings and using augmented reality all these holes will start popping up in the ground out of which little rabbid heads will come. For you the task is to jump up and squash them! There are multiple rabbids popping up at the same time so the trick is to align your feet in a way so that you will hit two rabbids at the same time. While playing this I felt a little bit like I was playing DDR with one of those songs where you continually have to hit two arrows at the same time. It’s frantic, it’s physically exhausting and if you have downstairs neighbors they won’t be happy with you.


If Rabbids Alive & Kicking is just as fun as on the Wii this will be a very fun game to play with friends and have some old school party-game fun. So far from what I have seen the mini-games have the same quality as on the Wii and I don’t doubt for a second that the other games will be less in quality. Rabbids Alive & Kicking will be a blast to play!