GDC 2015: Nevermind GDC Trailer

Independent developer Flying Mollusk took Nevermind, their biofeedback horror adventure game, to this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), where they held private demonstrations and released the above new teaser trailer.

Website GameRevolution got to try out Nevermind at GDC 2015, where they played the game using its revolutionary heart rate monitoring feature that tracks your fear, anxiety and stress level which create environmental challenges in real-time, as you can read in the following excerpt from their article:

In the area I was able to explore while using the Wild Divine’s Iom PE device, I was in a kitchen where everything was very large and I was clearly very small because the memory I was experiencing was from the patient’s childhood. There was a spilled milk carton on the floor and as my anxiety rose so did the level of milk pouring into the room. Every area you explore has the potential of danger and in this case that included me drowning if my anxiety level rose so much that I drowned in the milk before I could find all of the clues. Not only was this a built-in clue, it was an element of the game that was reacting to my personal anxiety while going through a scary sequence of the game.

While you cannot “die” in these situations because you’re in a simulation, they result in you being returned to the hub of the level where you started off because it is specifically designed to be the most calming part of the level. In turn when you encounter a situation where you can tell you are getting overly anxious due to the built-in visual and audio cues, the most common visual cue being a film grain that will increase along with whatever noise or element of the level is reacting to your elevated heartbeat. When these moments of high anxiety occur, you can take a moment to calm yourself before you continue.



They also got to try out Nevermind’s other sensor-based features including facial tracking and motion controls! Here’s an excerpt about those:

I played through the tutorial level of Nevermind which is used to train the new Neuroprobers. Since the tutorial is meant to be easier it’s obvious who the patient is simply based on the setting, especially when you see a candy house on the horizon, Hansel and Gretel. When approaching the house there was an oversized lollipop with insects on it that traced the shape of my face because of the real-sense camera technology. Along with fun little elements like face-tracking, you are also able to interact with objects in the game using hand motions.



Nevermind is estimated to be released on Xbox One in October via the ID@Xbox programme.

Does Nevermind’s new teaser trailer and the little extra info mentioned above get your heart racing in excitement for this hybrid Kinect 2 game? Let us know in the comments below.

(Disclosure: I backed Nevermind on Kickstarter with a pledge high enough to get a copy of the finished game as a reward.)




Source: Erin Reynolds' Vimeo Channel, GameRevolution Via: Nevermind's Twitter