Epic Games are having a presentation at Microsoft’ E3 conference today that was confirmed on Twitter by Epic’s Design Director Cliff Bleszinski:

“Informed our Microsoft pals that our presentation is not loud enough and that we do, in fact, want the balls of the audience to tremble. #E3 “

Also the website WRAL Tech Wire says that Epic have some big news about Gears Of War during their presentation. Could it be the rumoured Kinect game Gears Of War: Exile or maybe Gears Of War 3 will have Kinect features afterall?

“John Gaudiosi, who writes about the videogame industry for WRAL Tech Wire, advised on Sunday that the Microsoft press conference Monday morning “will have some big Epic news” about Gears 3. He also said “Gears Kinect” news could be made”

Source: Wral Tech Wire

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