gears of war exile Rumor: Gears of War Exile is Xbox Kinect version?Anything from Epic Games beyond the third Gears of War title is unknown, but rumors have pointed towards a Kinect compatible title being in development for some time now.

Now, there’s a new indication of a new game creation by Epic Games: the legendary game creation company filed a trademark for Gears of War: Exile and registered the logo pictured above. Put one and one together and you may just have the title of a Kinect Game from Epic Games.  It does make sense, seeing that there are over 8 million Xbox Kinect Sensors sold.

Gears of War Announcement

As the game has been labeled Exile, we feel  it my involve the Gorasni, The Stranded from previous Gears of War Games or Bernie Mataki (from the upcoming Gears of War 3 title).

Epic was going to make an epic announcement around Gears of War at the VGAs in December, but the reveal was cancelled at the last moment.

Skeptic on a Gears of War Kinect title? Checkout the one-armed First Person Shooter (FPS) Kinect hack to see what the control scheme of a hardcore game, like Gears of War, for Xbox Kinect may look like.

Kinect FPS Game

Well, should they make this rumored Gears title for Kinect anything remotely related to a FPS, then this control scheme devised by MaxKinect may just make the cut:

Thanks MaxKinect for sharing your creation on the Kinect Forum.

What’s your take on this rumor? We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Source: Siliconera

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