There has been a lot of speculation around the Kinect version of a Gears of War game. First there was speculation whether it would exist or not, then it was about the name (is it called Exile or not), and then most recently it was rumored to be an on-rails shooter.

But the latest rumor around this Gears of War Kinect game are just totally weird, because now it’s rumored to be a sports game!? Yeah, it keeps getting weirder and weirder. Read on for more info.

Gears of War Kinect: a sports game?

The latest issue (March 2011) of the ‘Official Xbox Magazine’ states that the Gears of War Kinect game might be a sports game, a violent sports game nonetheless, but still a sports game…something that kinda does not belong in the Gears of War genre. The magazine states that Gears of War Kinect might become a game like ‘Mutant League Football‘.

While the fact that Gears of War Kinect might turn out as a football game is not necessarily bad (look at the Mario franchise, he has a lot of sports games), it’s still slightly strange to think of Gears of War as a sports game. I would really rather prefer my Gears of War Kinect to be just like Gears 1 and 2, but with Kinect support.

So, any thought about this? Is there anyone here that would like Gears of War Kinect to be a sports game? Let me know in the comments!