During the Microsoft Pre-E3 Media Briefing we had a look at what Ghost Recon – Future Soldier looks like and I was genuinely impressed at how the game looks and how it makes use of the Kinect sensor!

Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Kinect

In Ghost Recon Future Soldier you will be able to both use gestures and voice control to control various aspects of the game. The presentation focused primarily on how to use Kinect to get the perfect load-out for your gun. As it turns out you can go into weapon customization mode and use gestures to take your gun apart, put it back together and fully customize it. You can also use voice commands to quickly select a load-out, in the video we heard the voice-command “optimize for range” which loaded a long range customization. It’s fast and genius!

Playing without a controller

The next thing we saw was a training scene where the player has to shoot down wooden targets. The first thing that I noticed here is that there is no controller involved. This scene is completely controlled just by Kinect. So far we’ve seen the following gestures:

  • Hold your hands up and closed to aim
  • Open your right hand to fire
  • Swing your arm back and forward again to reload
  • Extend your arm upwards and back again to zoom in
  • Move your arms around to look around

There was however no indication as to how movement is done and we’ll maybe get more info on this during the Ubisoft E3 presentation.

The Ghost Recon Kinect video

You can check out the video of the presentation below:

All in all it looks pretty impressive and I do like the Kinect aspect of the game. However we haven’t really seen any ‘real’ gameplay yet and I’m very curious as to how movement will be controlled. As soon as we know more about this we’ll let you know!