In an effort to increase demand in Japan, Microsoft is doing another Kinect Caravan Car Event during the Golden Week (29th April 29 – 5th May). You might recall that in the month after Kinect launch in Japan, Microsoft started the “Kinect Demo Caravan Car Event” in a neighborhood of Tokyo and the results of the event would determine whether Microsoft might expand the event to the rest of Japan. It looks like they’re doing the nationwide tour this time!

Kinect Caravan Car Event

The Kinect Caravan Car Event was initially planned to begin on 19th March in Hiroshima but due to the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country, it got postponed. Now, the event will kick off on 29th April in Tokyo at the “Girls Award by CROOZ blog 2011 Spring/Summer” and will tour Japan all the way to Hiroshima and Fukuoka.

The Caravan will allow people to try Kinect Sports, Dance Central and Fighters Uncaged. The special guests of the event include 3 Japanese models Mina Asakura, Sara Sato and Rina Nagasaki, who will demonstrate Dance Central.

If you don’t have Kinect yet or just didn’t get the three games mentioned, then make you take advantage of this opportunity to try them out. Look for the Kinect Caravan in your city during the Golden Week!

Source: andriasang