A couple of months ago we’ve seen Microsoft posting job openings for Kinect development and more recently Microsoft Game Studios Vancouver has been looking as well for people for Kinect games development. It may seem like a trend, but it looks good!

Now Good Science Studio, who developed Kinect Adventures, is hiring as well. Can this mean that Kinect Adventures 2 is on the way?

Good Science might be working on Kinect Adventures 2

The job opening that Good Science posted has the following important section:

We’re hiring a lead programmer to research, design, and create new games built on Kinect technology. We need someone who’s been in the trenches before and enjoys leading others to overcome the challenges of game development on relatively unexplored technologies.

– Development Lead-IEB-MGS-Kinect-Good Science (749417) Job –

It would be great to have Kinect Adventures 2 coming soon, but even if they don’t work on Kinect Adventures 2, the job opening still means that we’ll be seeing some new Kinect games from Good Science Studio.  It’s been half a year since Kinect Adventures’s launch (which came bundled with Kinect) so I’m hoping they already have something done to show next month at E3.

Source: Microsoft careers