I have played the original Halo a lot, like really a lot lot. I played the game’s campaign tons of times, I played the multiplayer countless hours and I even used the very early Xbox Gamespy hack to play it over the internet! So for everyone that did also played the original Halo….this will probably give you goosebumps, because this is the original Halo, with the graphics of Halo Reach, this is Halo Anniversary!

Halo Anniversary

The below video is a demo of Halo Anniversary shown at Comic-Con. It shows a bit of a play through of the first level, that first level that I played countless of times. I would just say: watch it and let’s hope you are as impressed as I am. To improve the effect: turn down the volume of the video, and play the original Halo soundtrack with it, that will get the nostalgia going! Anyway…enjoy!