Twisted Pixel, developer of ‘Splosion Man, is working on a Kinect title for hardcore gamers. It’s called GunStringer and will be supported by the Xbox Kinect Sensor to create puppet mastery! The title seems appropriate, as the aim of this motion game seems to be that you control a puppet which has been given a couple of guns, or revolvers if you will, to be controlled by your, the master’s, (hand) movements.

What a great concept, right? Be sure to checkout the exciting announcement trailer of the GunStringer Game below.

GunStringer Kinect Trailer

This game’s trailer seems to show hand and finger movement being detected by Xbox 360′s Kinect here and there. Is this the first of a wave of awesome Kinect titles coming from April 2011 onwards? Either way, this game has definitely been added to our list of games for Kinect, and hopefully we’ll be seeing loads more games taking advantage of the rumored accuracy update for the latest piece of technology by Microsoft.

XBLA Kinect Game

The tags of the YouTube video (from the official Twisted Pixel channel) shows that this is an Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) title, meaning you are able to download it from the comfort of your home directly to your Xbox 360. Furthermore, Twisted Pixel is a renowned XBLA game designer and developer, being our second clue that GunStringer can be no other than the first Kinect game for XBLA. Luckily, then this game will also feature a trial so you can see whether or not you are liking the things this game has to offer.

Waiting for this? Be sure to check pricing and availability of the Kinect Sensor, if you haven’t already.

Unfortunately, Twisted Pixel hasn’t announced a release date for Gunstringer yet. IGN reports that “there is a cooperative mode where two players shoot at enemies in on-rails sequences”, so that sounds good too.

We have yet to see Twisted Pixel’s first bad game, what’s your experience with their games?

Thanks ProjectNatalFan for reporting on the forums

Source: IGN, YouTube