Hack shows how accurate Kinect really is kinect news

Expensive motion capture suits might be a thing of the past

We’ve seen some pretty cool Kinect hacks in the past, but never have I seen a hack that is so accurate with translating movements. This hack is a great prove of concept and an excellent example of what Kinect really is capable of. More info after the fold.

It’s super accurate!

The below video shows how this new hack is very accurate in translating the actual body movements into the movements of the on screen character. Check below for the video.

The graphics in this hack are pretty basic, but imagine how it would look with a high detailed character, in a beautiful world. And this hack also shows a cool way to implement movement! Simply swinging your arms to go forward and twisting your body to turn.

A system like this would be perfect for an adventure game, or could give a whole new dimension of challenge to a platformer! Really cool stuff in my opinion, I hope to see Kinect games in the future that incorporate the accuracy as seen in this hack.

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