Exactly one year ago was the release of the Kinect sensor so Happy Birthday to Kinect!

Happy Birthday Kinect!

It has been an awesome first year for Kinect, there have been great games like Kinect Sports, Dance Central, Child of Eden, The Gunstringer and many more that all perfectly utilize that sensor to create that immersive and innovative gameplay experience. But it wasn’t only games that Kinect sparked: Kinect also seems to be a great tool for non gaming related applications, as Microsoft recently reinforced in a beautiful video.

An awesome first year of Kinect for 123Kinect

For 123kinect.com it was an equally awesome and crazy year. We produced hundreds and hundreds of articles, played all the games, reviewed them and had tons of interesting discussions with our vibrant community. For me the highlight of the year was our trip to GamesCom, where we played loads of (then not yet released) Kinect games, and were treated like VIP’s. But there was other great stuff as well, like receiving our first promotional copy of a game for review, the launch of our newsletter and the insane posting spree we went on during the E3!

All in all it was a great year for Kinect, and a great year for 123Kinect. I’m extremely excited about this little piece of technology and I am really curious as to what the next years of Kinect will bring!

Game wise, my favorite Kinect game so far is Forza 4 and I think I am most excited about the whole hybrid idea of Kinect enriching already existing gameplay to make the experience more immersive. Time will tell if this concept sticks and if more developers will adopts it (can’t wait for head tracking in shooters).

So after one year: What is your favorite Kinect game so far, and what are you looking forward to in the coming years?