2011 was a great year for Kinect and 123KINECT! Kinect is now supported in more than 80 games, it is fully integrated in our Xbox 360 dashboard, voice recognition is extended to other areas and some Kinect games pleasantly surprising us. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all great as – most prominently - Kinect Star Wars has been delayed to 2012, and some games clearly dissapointed.

Everything Kinect in one place!

As far as 123KINECT is concerned, we feel have made tremendous improvement in 2011 as well. Most importantly, a loyal following of visitors that were with us in 2010 are still with us going into 2012. But also, because new people discover 123KINECT as a safe haven for Kinect news and discussions every day (fun fact: we delivered 1117 items to you in 2011).

Mostly as a result of your feedback, we professionalised our reviews section, extended our Kinect Games list, introduced a Kinect newsletter, renewed our layout, were invited by Microsoft at GamesCom, and delivered during E3 (the most important gaming event of the year). We see going from 0 to 2200+ Facebook friends, together with rising visitor numbers, as a testament to your appreciation of our efforts, and hope to deliver more on our premise of ‘everything Kinect in one place‘ in 2012.

The premise of 2012 and Kinect

Looking forward, 2012 could be the year that the news Xbox will be announced for 2013 (potentially together with a new version of Kinect). Also, Kinect for Windows will allow for learning a lot on how to make technology interaction feel more natural with Kinect. Finally, with the third generation of Kinect games; 2012 will show more of what this device is capable of.

Mark our words…

What do you have to add for 123KINECT or Kinect going into 2012? Share your thoughts below!