harcore Kinect games More hardcore Kinect announcements in 2011

I bet that a lot of people have been wondering “what hardcore games will come out for Kinect?” and more specifically “when will hardcore games come out for Kinect?”. Well the “when” answer has been given by Microsoft as they have just announce that more hardcore games for Kinect that will come out in 2011!

Hardcore Kinect games for 2011

UK marketing boss Stephen McGill said during an interview that 2011 will be the year for Hardcore Kinect games.

“We’ll start showing more of those in 2011. 2011 is going to be an amazing year for gamers both on Kinect and normal controller-based games for Xbox 360. I think there’s something for everyone.”

We’ve already had a few hardcore Kinect games announced: Codename-D, Steel Battalion, Forza and Star Wars but this means that in 2011 there will be a lot more hardcore Kinect games. As earlies said in a debate over Move and Kinect this could make or break Kinect.

So ofcourse we’d rather hear some titles of actual upcoming hardcore Kinect games but I guess it’s good to hear that at least more is coming in 2011. What do you guys think about this, good news, or would you rather see more casual games? Be sure to let us know on the forums!

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