Harmonix Music System, better know as just ‘Harmonix‘, and in the Kinect community even better known as “the guys that made the awesome Dance Central” confirmed lay-offs of their full-time employees. The company has just been sold by mother company Viacom and is now an independent company backed by a private investor. The sale of Harmonix might have triggered a reorganisation of the company, which would include these lay-offs. More info after the jump.

Harmonix confirms lay-offs

Harmonix does confirm the lay-offs but indicates they did it in a further attempt to bring the company into alignment with production plans. They however don’t say what their production plans are, but they did say that feature DLC’s for Dance Central and Rock Band are unaffected by this development.

I really hope that Dance Central is part of their future production plans, and that development on Dance Central 2 will continue and will at the same pace as before. It’s sad to hear that Harmonix had to lay off some employees but they do say they are taking care of them. In an interview with CVG they said:

We sincerely appreciate the work of each and every one of these employees. Harmonix is working to ensure that those affected are well taken care of as we make this change

So yeah, very sad news for the old Harmonix employees but hopefully it will do the company some good. Now bring on Dance Central 2!