One of the upcoming core game experiences with Kinect is Heavy Fire: Afghanistan, a game that is based on the popular Wiiware title: Heavy Fire shows it’s targeting non-casual gamers through the following description:

Enemy Contact.  Open fire!  Defend the base.  Lock down the streets of the local town.  Hunt down the enemy in the forests.  Rescue the hostages from the caves.  Sweep the enemies out of the mountains. Fly in helicopters.  Ride in tanks and trucks.  Take it to the ground and get up close and personal with the enemy.  Your objective is simple:  Grab the biggest gun you can find, then knock out the enemy with your Heavy Fire!

Checkout the Heavy Fire Afghanistan video trailer (Wii version) after the jump!

Heavy Fire Afghanistan Wii Version’s Video

Watching the game’s trailer got me excited, as I’ve spend plenty of time playing similar games in arcade halls a long time ago.

As CorellianRogue rightly observed, this trailer is from the Wii version of the game. However, given the fact that it goes multi-platform leads me to believe that it still gives a representative impression of what the game will be like on the Xbox 360. Luckily, the graphics will probably be much better on the Xbox 360, but hey, what do you expect of a game you can buy for only $18.99?

What do you think about the vibe of this game?

Game’s Touted Features

  • Blisteringly fast-paced action set in a modern day Afghanistan
  • Expanded sequel to the #1 selling Wiiware title Heavy Fire
  • 24 missions – foot, vehicle, airborne and helicopter
  • 1-4 players, cooperative and versus mode; Online leaderboard
  • Special levels and weapons available only one the PS3 and XBOX360 versions

Be sure to check pricing and availability in your region, as the last time we looked this game was only $18.99 on Should you want to get a feel for all Kinect Games that are upcoming, rumored or simply released then be sure to checkout our page with all Kinect Games with their info.