The first Motionsports game was not that big of a success but Ubisoft is trying to change that with a new iteration for this series “Motionsports Adrenaline“. As the release date for this game approaches (fall 2011) more info starts trickling in and this time we have a bunch of new screenshots of this adrenaline packed game. Check them out!

Motionsports Adrenaline screenshots

Looking at these screenshots I must admit that Motionsports Adrenaline looks actually really good! It seems that this title is coming along nicely and let’s hope that the developer has learned a bit more on how to work with the Kinect sensor so that the problem with the first Motionsports won’t be repeated.

I’m actually loving how the screens look for this Wingsuit Proximity Flying thing. It looks absolutely stunning and as a big fan of Pilotwings 64 (for the people that can still remember that game) I seriously can’t wait to play this proximity flying with Kinect!

Source: joystiq