Diabolical Pitch is a not your typical third person shooter. In the game you play a baseball player and have to fend off the evil by using your super baseball powers. How the game looked we already knew, but now there is this very first gameplay movie showing the game and the player in action! The video is taken from a tad far away, but you can still see pretty well what’s going on! Check it out above.

Diabolical Pitch Gameplay Video

Judging from the video above the game uses either an automatic lock on system or the left hand is used for locking on. The right hand is obviously used for throwing balls at your enemies and the bottom left corner shows the occasional special move that can be executing.

I hope the video above shows an early level, as the gameplay doesn’t look as intense and frantic as I would’ve hoped for. But still, this is an interesting take on the third person shooter genre and let’s hope it’s as good as or even better than The Gunstringer!

Source: siliconera