For quite some time we’ve been seeing the same footage for Kinect Star Wars over and over again. Even when the game was pushed back by almost half a year no new footage came out at all. But now there is a video that shows some new scenes and gives a fresh look on this with delays and skepticism plagued game.

Kinect Star Wars Footage

The above video shows some stuff that we’ve already seen before (like the podracing and the Rancor scene), but there is also so new stuff! The jungle scene looks nice and colorful and the dancing looks a lot like Dance Central (which is a good thing). The question is still whether the dancing bit belong in this game, but since it looks like Kinect Star Wars will turn out to be a story driven mini-game collection it does make sense. I’m still not sure if I like how the game is turning out but I guess I should play the full thing before I make up my mind about it.