You might know the tv show ‘Hole in the Wall‘ (it had 2 seasons on Fox), where people have to take on poses to fit through a hole in a wall that moves towards them. Someone thought this would work great with Kinect and made a small (and simple) game around it. Check it out after the jump!

Hole in the Wall Kinect

Check out the Kinect version of Hole in the Wall in the video below. The graphics are extremely basic, but it’s all about the concept.

The cool thing is that this game is totally only possible on Kinect! No other motion control system could implement this kind of gameplay! I think this would actually work pretty well as a official party game. It would be a blast to play this with a couple of friends!

Someone pick up this idea and make an XBLA arcade Kinect game out of this please Hack: Hole in the Wall for Kinect kinect news

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