Hole in the Wall, an XBLA Kinect game that forces you to adjust to a hole in the wall using nothing but your body, has got some easy achievements for any of you to pick up. Especially the last achievement is a piece of cake, as getting the other achievements will give you this one for free!

Too bad they could not be more creative with these…


Halfway 15G
Beat 5 Final Rounds

Super dry 30G
Beat 10 Final Rounds

Champion 10G
Beat 1 Final Round

Perfectionist 10G
Finish a Final Round with no strikes

Teamwork 10G
Win 1 show with a teammate

All in the whole 10G
Play a 4-player game

Contortionist 40G
Successfully pass all walls in the game at least once.

Want a rubber ring? 15G
Win 10 shows against a human team

I will survive 10G
Get ranked in online Leaderboards with a Quick Survival score

Give me five 5G
Pass 5 walls in Quick Survival mode

Shining collection 15G
Obtain all other achievements

Working team 30G
Win every show with a teammate