Holograms are one of those things that dominate science fiction movies, but are still something that has not been developed so that it can be mass-produced and provide good enough quality for the consumer. Still, all over the world people are doing research and are trying to find ways to replicate a true hologram. As it turns out now, Kinect can help with this! Check out the video above for more info!

Kinect Hologram

So the quality of the above shown hologram is not all that good (it’s still filmed with the low resolution of the Kinect sensor), nor it is a ‘real’ hologram, but it’s still something that could be turned into a very cool gadget. Slap some higher resolution cameras on that baby and you’ll have a very cool way to have video conferences.

I doubt this technology would ever make it into our living rooms but it could be a first step into commercialized true 3D video! Think of all the possibilities!