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If you want to sell your friends on the idea of Kinect (so you can play over Xbox LIVE), you can give them the Kinect bundle, like Oprah did , or learn from than the Home Shopping Network.

“Now, it you’re wondering what in the world is Xbox 360 Kinect, we’re giving you an idea of what it is: Gaming is a big part of it, but there’s even more! Because there’s a feature called ‘Xbox Live Entertainment’ that’s going to allow you to not only play your favorite games, but you will be able to now go ahead and download movies; you can download music; you’re going to be able to access your Facebook and your Twitter; and there’s a lot more to this.”

Checkout the movie.

Xbox 360 Kinect -- You are the controller

“The interesting thing about Xbox 360 is that you get rid of con-trollers — there’s no controllers!”

“So Cory Bergeron is our gaming expert, and he’s going to show you how your body - your body is the actual controller for Xbox 360 Kinect!”

What did you think of the rate with which they sold their entire stock? Pretty impressive right? Get your Kinect here in your local webshop, and support our hard work in the process!

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