On our Kinect forums, some of the day 1 Kinect Enthusiasts (more specifically: UndgnfiedWrshpr) figured out how to play Sonic Free Riders. A lot of reviewers on the web don’t know how to play the Kinect game. Granted, not knowing how to play the game was not the promise of Kinect: the technology would adapt to me instead of me changing for the technolog. But, trust us, if you would just listen to 123Kinect‘s follower ukwingchunstudent, you may just have a great time with Sonic Free Riders after all.

How to play Sonic Free Riders

Well, if you’re convinced about this game, then get it right here, otherwise the Sonic Free Rider‘s review in the forums may interest you.

123Kinect also has a full list of all Kinect Games, check it out if you want to see what’s coming! Share with us any questions or difficulties that you may still have while playing Sonic Free Riders, so we can help you out.

Do you feel that Sonic Free Riders could climb to the top in the top 10 of Kinect Games?

Thanks, UndgnfiedWrshpr and ukwingchunstudent