Biart have posted a brief new teaser trailer for their diving adventure game Hunting The Abyss – Depth Hunter 2 which you can watch above. Unfortunately there’s no shark punching in this video though, lol! (I seriously hope there are 1:1 Kinect controls for that! 😀 )

There’s also some more work in progress footage, albeit of the iPhone version. Maybe the finished game will have Xbox SmartGlass support too? (That’s purely my speculation and not even rumoured let alone confirmed, so don’t expect it.)

I don’t know if they just mean the iPhone version or whether they’re talking about all versions in general but they say that Hunting The Abyss – Depth Hunter 2’s post processing is 60% done (I’m presuming they’re talking about graphical effects?), the controls are 80% done and optimisations are 40% done, so it sounds like it’s quite far along! Let’s hope we see more of it, especially the Xbox 360 version using Kinect, soon.

Developer Diary

Biart also posted a developer diary a while ago that I must have previously missed:

In our previous post we promised to tell you more about what’s there in Depth Hunter 2 from our previous projects and about conclusions we made.

In the game’s second part you can level up your avatar (XP, stamina, swimming speed, breath underwater, accuracy, etc). The higher your level is, the more items you can buy in the game shop.

Do you remember our Diver: Deep Water Adventures (2007), where there were many real brands’ items? Yes! You can choose from catalogs of various brands in Depth Hunter 2 too! Spearguns, suits, masks, fins, scuba gear and other diving equipment. We are negotiating at the moment and it is expected that at least 5 major brands will join.

We have also changed tasks flow. Now you can go back to previous levels and go on spearfishing, treasure hunting, taking pictures an so on. So, absolute freedom of action!

New tasks appear on a special device – we are going to tell you more about it in our next post (and possibly will show it too).

In Depth Hunter 1, task setting was direct – you could not avoid a task once it had been set. Some players would say they e.g. did not want to spearfish, just swim around and treasure hunt. In the game’s second part you either accept a task or refuse it. And by the way – if you go spearfishing, even though you have diving equipment, you will have to hold your breath! We do think that spearfishing with diving equipment is illegal.

We have also left some room for free diving. It’s going to be a surprise for players and I ‘m going to tell more about it in my next post.

So, next time we’re going to tell you in more detail about our game tasks and will also tell you about our partners.




Source: Biart's YouTube Channel, Biart's Website Via: sacra (@lifelower) on Twitter