The Ice Age franchise has been going strong for many years now, and the fourth iteration of this series of movies is about to hit our cinema’s. Ice Age: Continental Drift will be the title of this latest movie and along with the motion picture there will also be a game. A Kinect supported game!

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift the game will come out on all major platforms, when this happens you would assume that it would be a “Better with Kinect” title as developers tend to be lazy and just add a bit of Kinect Stuff (like they did with Harry Potter). But fortunately this is not the case and Ice Age: Continental Drift is a full on Kinect Required title!

So what will the game be about? Well it’s for all ages so it’s more than logical a mini game collection. There will be 10 different events like:

  • Glacier Hopping
  • the Prehistoric Plumber
  • Bob-Smashing
  • Coconut Slingshot

You’ll get medals as you complete events and there is a head-head multiplayer mode and leaderboards. It all doesn’t sound too original but if executing is good then this could be a nice little game for the whole family.

Ice Age: Continental Drift is out on July 10 and can be pre-ordered here!