Independent developer Other Ocean Interactive’s ID@Xbox sports platformer #IDARB (It Draws A Red Box) is now available on Xbox Live to download for Xbox One and you can watch the trailer above. It also happens to be in February’s Games With Gold promotion so all Xbox Live Gold members can download it for free until the end of the month!

It has now been revealed that #IDARB supports Kinect 2 with QR codes created not only by a character creator but also a logo creator for team logos and even a music creator for theme tunes! You can create the characters, logos and music online here:

Here are some excerpts from Xbox Wire with more details about #IDARB along with a QR code I created for the #GamerGate mascot Vivian James, which you can scan with Kinect 2 to play as her:


When it’s as cold as it has been in most of the world this winter, it’s downright dangerous to go outside. What you need is some fun, free ways to pass the time in the warm cockles of your own living room. And, like every month, Xbox Live Gold has your back. With February’s Games with Gold, Xbox One gamers get It Draws a Red Box (otherwise known as #IDARB) – an offbeat, crowdsourced multiplayer action game, and Xbox 360 gamers get treated to two awesome titles; Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, an emotional, atmospheric puzzle platformer, and Sniper Elite V2, a pulse-pounding third-person shooter. As usual, all games are available for a limited time.

* #IDARB ($14.99 ERP): Available from Feb. 1 – 28 on Xbox One

#IDARB is a stunning conglomeration of game types built into one title. Part platformer, part hockey,  part fighting game, and part party game, #IDARB features tight controls and a frenetic, eight-player local co-op core that makes it a blast to play offline or online. The game was built based on suggestions that developer Other Ocean Interactive received from fans on Twitter, and includes some truly unique game options, including the ability to make your own music, characters, and spectator interaction with real-time games via social media! One of the most exciting things about the game is that it’s ever-changing, and the developer has promised to continue adding new content, characters, and even gameplay elements over the course of #IDARB’s life cycle.

* Titles are available as free downloads for a limited time, for qualifying paid Xbox Live Gold members in all markets where Xbox Live is available. Some regions may offer different titles depending on market availability. See Major Nelson’s blog for additional details.


Vivian James QR Code For #IDARB

#IDARB-Vivian-James-GamerGate-mascot-QR_624x468(Left-click on pic for larger & less compressed image, or right-click on pic and select “Save Link As” to download it for printing out the QR code.)


Have you downloaded #IDARB? If so what do you think? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’ve created any characters, logos or music you want to share then click on the following link to post the QR codes in the #IDARB thread in our forums:




Source: Xbox Wire, Other Ocean Interactive's YouTube Channel, #IDARB website