I have added the above launch trailer.


Microsoft’s Xbox UK YouTube Channel have uploaded a couple of awesome ViDocs for Crytek’s (minorly?) Kinect 2 supported Xbox One exclusive launch day hack & slash Ryse: Son Of Rome. The first video, which you can watch below, features a stunning looking level called “The King” which is mostly set in a forest with lush highly detailed trees & other foliage, rocks, caves and waterfalls plus of course the amazing characters.



The second video called “The Art Of Execution”, which also includes some behind the scenes footage, is mainly about the executions in the game and you can watch that below:



The First 30 Minutes

Finally, GameSpot have uploaded a commentated video of the first 30 minutes of Ryse which you can watch below. Unfortunately they couldn’t try any of the Kinect 2 features as apparently Kinect 2 is still under embargo for journalists, but hopefully the embargo should be lifted later today as the embargo on Xbox One (as in the console in general, beyond just talking about the games) is lifted later today and Kinect 2 is of course counted as actually part of the console rather than just an accessory. They showed one section that’s basically a shoot-em-up with a scorpio crossbow (imagine a wooden gun turret with a big crossbow instead of a big gun) which I think would be pretty cool to play with Kinect 2 so I’m hoping you can use it there. (They didn’t say whether you could or not.) Although the video footage isn’t perfect, due to it being a recording of a livestream they did earlier so therefore is more compressed for livestreaming, the graphics still look as incredible as ever. Seriously guys, this looks pretty much like a CGI movie, it’s jaw-dropping!





Source: The Official Xbox UK YouTube Channel, GameSpot's YouTube Channel