If you are into software development and/or user experience design (UX) and you think that Kinect might be the next step in how we interact with computer, then this might be the ultimate event for you!


Remixsouth is an event that is all about user experience design. The event focuses on the web, mobile and table devices and Kinect! The speakers will all be industry professionals if it seems that there is a lot of stuff to be learned here!

Kinect is heavily featured during the Remixsouth event and there are some cool items on the program:

  • Kinecting Technologies
  • An Introduction to Kinect Development
  • Kinect vs Surface 2.0 Cage Match: Battle for the Ultimate NUI Device
  • Kinect for Computer Aided Sign Language Learning
  • From Movie Magic To Your Living Room: How Kinect is Changing Our Relationship With Computers

Interested? You can check out more info on their website here. The event is coming to Atlanta this August. Happy designing and programming!