One of Kinect’s games is Sonic Free Riders which is already highly popular among gamers. Hip Hop Gamer Show brings you an interview with one of Kinect Sonic Free Rider developers whom provides more details on the real potential of the game.

Read more if you are interested in an overview of interview’s discussion points and watch the actual interview.

Sonic free riders

Sonic Free Riders has been successfully marketed and will most likely be a hit at launch. The game works as well as they claim it does and one of the reasons for that is that a lot of time has been invested in troubleshooting and going back to fix problems. The interview also discusses about the possibility of changing the game style in the middle of a match and incorporating different types of motion.

Cool stuff, and if you want to know more about these and about the different types of playing or the characters present, watch the video where the interviewer learns that Kinect Games can be loads of fun and offer a great deal of new opportunities for developers!

Interview on Kinect’s Sonic Free Riders

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ps: it is important to note is that ‘hip hop gamer’ is notorious for burning Kinect to the ground before, and he seems very joyed with Sonic Free Riders: the first of many to be converted?

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Source: Hip Hop Gamer Show