Twisted Pixel answers a bunch of questions, both in an interview with Gamasutra and on their website where they use Twitter questions to create a Post-E3 Q&A. Check out the most exciting information they provided!

The Gunstringer comes this autumn

Yes, the big question was answered: the game is coming this September. However, the price has not been established yet but we can tell you that the game can be purchased with actual money (no MS Points) or credit card.

Bonuses for accuracy

If you are one of those gamers who really like to perfect their playing and improve their accuracy, then find out that there will be some kind of rewards for that!

We’ve designed several of our game scenarios to reward players who hone their accuracy, and the accuracy can apply to both aiming and traversal timing mechanics.

– Bill Muehl, game director

Finger detection is too much

Finger detection has been a hot topic for Kinect. But, according to Bill Muehl, it’s too much for The Gunstringer and it makes sense to abstract things a bit in the case of The Gunstringer. You don’t want to make the exact movements as a puppeteer does when playing this game, do you?

Five fingers would provide more input but it comes down to the balance of depth vs. accessibility […] we favor character personality and accessibility in our games.

Cool features

We already know some of the game features from the trailer and gameplay. But is there something we’ve missed? When asked by Gamasutra “what are the possibilities of using a second live player’s data to create similar obstacles [as the prerecorded hand rolling a boulder] while the first controls The Gunstringer”, Bill Muehl gave a very interesting answer:

I’ll say we just might have something in store on this front, but I’m going to keep it under wraps for players to find when they play through the game.

Moreover, if you had any doubts about whether calibration is needed when you change gaming position (from sitting down to standing up and vice versa) find out that it’s not “as long as the player is still in the Kinect sensor’s field of view”.

What did not make it to the game

The Gunstringer is the result of countless iterations of control schemes. Some of the things considered during development made it to the final game, some were not so successful. If you’re curious which ones did not make it, find out three of the most interesting ones from Dan Teasdale:

  • Double-handed Marionetting

Originally we went for something more “realistic” in giving the player two marionette handles to move the Gunstringer around.

  • Gun drawing/holstering

We implemented a system where you moved your right hand down to your “holster” to draw your weapon, then shoot your targets, then reholster to move again”

  • Full control platforming

Originally we allowed you to emulate a controller’s left and right movement with your left hand, but it sucked.

So, how excited are you now about this game? Are you gonna pick it up? Is there anything in this news post that made you reconsider your view on this game?

Source: Gamasutra, Twisted Pixel