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Scott Henson, Rare’s new studio director discusses about Kinect Sports and Kinect device with in a recent interview. We did inform you recently that Microsoft is planning new exciting experiences for Kinect player and this interview supports and give more details on that information.

Kinect Sports – number one Kinect title

Obviously enough, the interview started with a discussion on Kinect Sports success – Kinect Sports recently won a BAFTA award and it’s the best selling Kinect title – in which Scott said

What I would say, we are the number one Kinect title.

I’m also someone, who’s not only a big fan of video games, but also a big fan of sports. I’m optimistic about the category, in general, being a very evergreen category and continuing to invite people in. In terms of first party products, it’s exactly I think, what you would consider a hallmark. It leads in innovation. It’s doing very well in the market place. It’s showing what’s possible with this rich canvas, that I would call Kinect, doing great.

Future plans for Kinect Sports

At the question of whether there are plans for an IP or at least a sequel or DLC for Kinect Sports, Scott’s answer suggests that there might be more to come in the area of sports. We do know that Microsoft is planning big titles for this year’s E3 event. Could a Kinect Sports -like game or a sequel be one of them?

Without getting into specific details of things that we haven’t announced yet what I would expect is that we will continue to investigate and explore and innovate with Xbox Live experiences, with Kinect experiences. As I said, the category of sports in general, gives us an opportunity to explore those areas.

Rare’s main focus

An interesting question, not only for Kinect fans but also for Rare fans, was further asked by The question referred to whether Kinect will become the main focus of the studio or will Rare move back to more traditional Rare games.

What I’d say is that Kinect is in it’s early days, even still. It’s a huge, rich canvas. We are going to continue to explore that. In the months and years ahead, are we going to be limited? No, we’re not going to be limited. We are going to continue to innovate. We are going to continue to look at new areas to explore. Kinect will be a key part of that.

Unfortunately, Scott’s answer did not give a clear picture on Rare’s future plans and focus. We’re expecting it, of course, to keep an eye on Kinect opportunities and we’re excited about that, but how much will be on Kinect and how much will be on the rest?

Kinect’s capabilities

Only a couple of week ago we’ve reported to you that Rare’s incubation director who said that Rare is currently using 10 to 15% of Kinect’s technical power. When asked how much more is left in the hardware to explore, Scott said:

I think it’s unlimited. I think you’re just starting to see the very beginning of it. The thing that constantly amazes me is how creative that the community is. How people continue to surprise and delight, in ways that you never imagined. It’s exciting to see the enthusiasm that people are having, around what you are talking about right now. We are going to hold to that.

Kinect SDK

We’ve seen plenty of Kinect hacks, some cooler than others. Now, Microsoft supports that community by launching a Kinect Software Development Kit for PC’s. The interviewer pops the question whether the Kinect SDK is seen as a valuable avenue of research.

First of all, I don’t see the hacking. I see it as a development in possibilities, and in innovation and exploration, right? For me personally, this is something very exciting to see. As someone that runs a studio, and someone who cares deeply about the industry, helping enable that innovation is fundamentally what will help fuel the industry and the overall ecosystem.

Core games developed by Rare?

The topic of core games for Kinect has been debated for a while now. About a month ago, Microsoft announced that there will be more Kinect games for the hardcore gamers, but what is the involvement of Rare in future core games and is there any involvement at all?

We are motivated to create experiences that appeal to everyone, whatever their motivation. If they want something that is more of an individual expression like getting up off the couch and diving in, if they want to invite friends and family, we want to make something that is literally for everyone.

In my opinion, Scott’s answer could have been a lot cleared. We do know that Kinect was meant for the mass, but if Rare wants to create experiences for everyone, then there will be core games.

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