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So what can you expect from the newsletter? Well we plan to bring you unique and insightful content that will be of great value to the real Kinect fan! Other than that we will also be giving away prizes to our newsletter subscribers! In fact, this week we had our very first winner, Will, he won the first newsletter’s contents and received a prize of 800 Microsoft points!

In response to what he will buy using his 800 Points will pointed out (after stating that his favorite Kinect game is Kinect Sports):

I’m a little bit of a completionist and have been meaning to get some of the DLC for quite a few games, most of which cost 800 MS points. A friend has recently lent my his copy of Fable 3 which has a pack costing 560, So i figure that if I was to cash out my points earned under the Xbox rewards scheme I could most likely purchase that along with the Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge which costs 320 as I still haven’t got around to getting it.

Again: congrats Will!

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