We know that there is a new Xbox on the way and we assume that with the launch of that new Xbox there will be a new Kinect as well. This new Xbox and Kinect and probably not due for a while, but that doesn’t mean that developers have not started working on games for this future console yet.

Now, according to an industry insider, EA is already working on a Kinect 2 game, a game out of a series that we know would work very well with Kinect…Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge 2

The first Mirror’s Edge was already made working with Kinect on the PC by means of a hack (see video below), so in theory a game in the First Person Platformer genre would work very well with Kinect (much like Kinect Rush also works). Mirror’s Edge was also fairly popular so it would make sense for EA and DICE to create a sequel in the genre.

Now this is all still a rumor but if it were to be true and EA would bring out an official statement around this, then Mirror’s Edge 2 would be the very first confirmed Kinect 2 game! We’ll keep you posted!

Source: dualpixels
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