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John Carmack of id Software want to make a Kinect game

So apparently John Carmack of id software (Doom, Quake) wants to create a Kinect game. John Carmack is pretty much a genius when it comes to good games so I’m pretty damn excited this!

John Carmack has no idea yet

More information other than that Carmack wants to make a game is unfortuntely not available as Carmack has no idea what he’s going to make yet. He said this in an interview with Joystiq:

I have an itch to make a Kinect title for Xbox Live. I don’t even know what I’d want to do yet.

I can’t use Kinect for our real games; there just isn’t a place for our current FPSes on there. But it’s an interesting technology, and an Xbox Live game would be the perfect platform to do something like that on, at about the same scale of  an iOS device

So anything can happen, it just won’t be a quake or doom like game. But I will trust in John Carmack and I am pretty sure this game is going to severely rule!

Any thoughts on what kind of game he might make? Share them here in the comments!

source: Joystiq

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