Milo… the game that introduced the world to the power of Kinect, that made everyone excited about the potential of the technology, the game that was said to revolutionize interactive story telling! Now we unfortunately know that Milo was most likely cancelled.

John Dower, the creative director of the Milo project, talks about his 3 years on the project. Check out this, rather emotional, video after the jump.

A glimpse into the production of Milo

Check out the video of John Dower and his 3 years of work on the Milo project below:

It makes me rather sad to watch this video, as this truly looks like an amazing project, and judging from the video a tremendous amount of work has gone into it. It’s just so sad to think it will never come out, and that all the work was for nothing.

Maybe there is still a bit of hope that Milo will ever see the light of day, but for the moment there is no indication of that John Dower talks about his 3 years on the Milo project kinect news