The official release outlines that the game supports “snowmobiling, bobsledding, downhill skiing, figure skating, biathlon, free ride skiing, snowboard cross, ski jumping, paraskiing, curling, and short-track”. But those of you who are keeping an eye on 123KINECT already knew that. What’s new though is that there’s now a  Winter Stars teaser trailer!

In my opinion, if the game is like they stated with an in-depth career mode with the RPG elements (i.e. ‘Earn experience points in the fully-voiced story mode to personalize and upgrade your character’s winter gear and equipment such as new snowboards and upgraded bobsleds.’)…this is a title to keep your eye on. The slated release date is Nov. 8th 2011 in the US, so we should hear more pretty soon.

What are your thoughts from what you’ve seen now? We’re still desperately looking for that warm cup of coco.