Independent developer KD VISION have announced a new project called Playable Physiotherapy which will include a series of “health games” for Kinect. Here’s a press release with more info:

KD VISION announces “Playable Physiotherapy”

Kaliningrad-based game development studio KD VISION announces its first project in the genre of health games – “Playable Physiotherapy”. The project includes two main parts: a series of videogames for Xbox 360 Kinect and Nintendo Wii Balance Board, and a social network under the working title OnlineTermin, designed to connect medical professionals with their patients. The studio is working in close collaboration with Berliner Company Lightfields and University Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin.

Videogames in the “Playable Physiotherapy” series are based on real and proved effective remedial exercise programs.

The games encourage healthy activities in a fun playable fashion to help players strengthen their health in the comfort of their own home. The games also utilize a set of functional trials to evaluate the overall functional state of the player’s body and suggest the best suited exercise program. We are planning to implement exercises for all main body systems, as well as aerobics, respiratory gymnastics, pregnancy workouts and more. The programs save and analyze results of each gaming session to evaluate overall exercise progress.

Another important part of the project is OnlineTermin – a dedicated Internet server for communication between medical professionals and their patients. Here the patients may review their exercise efficiency and receive feedback from medical specialists, communicate with other players. Doctors are able to form groups of patients, develop individual exercise programs and keep track of treatment progress.

“Playable Physiotherapy” became one of the two winners of the “START-2012” – a national competition for innovative projects in the field of science and technology. The contest was held by the Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support with the aid of the Department of Economic Affairs of the Kaliningrad Region. This year 9 projects have been entered in the competition and presented in a live videoconference with Saint-Petersburg, where the jury has been located. The winners will receive financial, informational and other aid in further project realization.