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Microsoft is researching ways to show 3D by using the Kinect sensor

Microsoft is doing everything they can to use their Kinect technology to the fullest. It seems that Microsoft research is currently busy developing a technology that allows for 3D televisions that do not require glasses!

This is not something new of course, as currently there are some screens upcoming (including the Nintendo 3DS) that allow you to view 3D without glasses, but this new technique by Microsoft is a lot better than that. Want to know why? Then read on!

3D effect without glasses with Kinect!

So the smart people at Microsoft research are working on a couple of techs that involve 3D and Kinect. The first of these is making the 3D effect possible by means of head tracking and a special kind of display. By using Kinect and this display a user can get the 3D effect without wearing glasses! The Nintendo 3Ds and some other upcoming screens can do this too, but these screens work with sweet spots, whereas the Kinect way does not!

With the sweet spot technique a viewer has to be directly in front of the tv, or in a specific angle from the tv. If you are not in one of these sweet spots the 3D effect is lost. This is where Kinect comes in: Kinect can track your head, so it knows where you are and can give you the 3D effect at any position. Every position becomes a sweet spot! It’s actually pretty revolutionary!

Virtual reality and Head tracking

The other technology that is shown is virtual reality by means of head tracking. Kinect tracks your head and moves ‘what is on the screen’ accordingly to your head movements, giving a pretty cool 3D virtual reality effect. This has been done on the Wii before (check below for a video, it explains it pretty well), but this time it can be done without having to wear glasses! Check at 2:46 for a glimpse of the effect.

Microsoft research video

So how does it all look in the current state? Well Microsoft research is working on it but it’s not really been made into a final product yet. But in the video below it’s all pretty well explained. Check it out!

So there you have it, this could totally be the future of both watching tv and movies in 3D, as well as to virtual reality gaming. All because of Microsoft Kinect. Pretty awesome I would say!

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