Shannon Loftis, the head of Good Science Studio which brings Kinect Adventures (whom we interviewed earlier), has confirmed that the studio is working with Microsoft on the possibility of combining Kinect and 3D graphics. In other words, Kinect might bring gaming one level higher by allowing the player to actually see the ball he should be throwing in his own hands.

3D Technology and Kinect

While so far Microsoft has been quiet about its interest in 3D gaming, in mid October, during the Kinect event in San Francisco, it has been confirmed that Microsoft is looking into combining Kinect and 3D technologies.

But, how will that work? The idea of having a pair of 3D glasses when playing a game defeats the whole purpose of Kinect. Do you think this is the start of a holodeck with Kinect in 3D or will the glasses ruin the experience? Be sure to checkout your local shop to see if there are any Kinect’s left, should you want any.

Source, Destructoid.