Kinect Accuracy… it has been a hot topic, especially in the debate of Kinect vs. Move. According to Sony Kinect is inferior because of its low resolution and low framerate and this all had to do something with the usb port.

I personally never had any problems with this, but apparently the resolution is too low to accurately track individual fingers and the rotation of the palm (which would make Star Wars Lightsaber action difficult to implement).

But we don’t have to fear this low resolution and accuracy problem anymore, because Microsoft is going to fix it!

Kinect Accuracy

That’s right! Microsoft is going to increase the accuracy of Kinect, and they are going to do it with a simple dashboard update! Microsoft’s Kinect team said they are working on a way to improve the compression of the data that is sent from Kinect to the Xbox so that more data can be used and thus a higher resolution can be achieved. Imagine this like using winzip on the video that comes from the Kinect sensor: zip it to make it smaller so more can be sent at once!

So what is Kinect’s accuracy at the moment? Well it’s ‘only’ 320×240 pixels. And what will Kinect’s accuracy be after this patch? Well the Kinect sensor would get an upgrade to a 640×480 resolution (and this means 4 times as many pixels) this will allow for the much needed finger and hand rotation detection! So once this update comes through lightsaber action will be possible, possibly along with a whole bunch of other innovative stuff (like many of the things proposed on our forums).

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