Local news station takes story about adult Kinect game a bit too far kinect news

A kinect adult game: a nightmare for parents

Earlier we reported that an (NSFW) Adult Kinect game was in the make, only to report moments later that Microsoft was forbidding it. A local news site KFOX took that story too, and added their own creative spin to this adult Kinect game, which made it a nightmare to parents. Read on what they made of it.

Kinect adult game downloadable on Xbox live!

So KFOX took the story of the Kinect adult game, which was just that an adult pc game was getting Kinect support, and put of bit of a spin to it. This resulted in a newsitem that stated that the game could be downloaded from Xbox Live! and thus also played on the actual Xbox (in reality the adult game uses hacked drivers for PC and will never be able to be played on Xbox, let alone downloaded from Xbox Live!).

But it gets better, the report then goes on to say that Disney Channel and Nickelodeon would actually run commercials for this adult Kinect game….yeah right.

Anyway I thought this was pretty funny so I wanted to share it with you guys. For the full report go here. Anyone know any other cases where a news report about a game was so screwed up it made it funny? Let us know in the comments!

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