Although Microsoft will generally not discuss the amount of play space required for Kinect, you may assume it is around 6 feet (as we reported earlier on the requirements featured in the MS store). However, there is a cool feature that may have an effect on this assumption, one that has not featured on the news anywhere (as far as we know), but may prove to be fundamental to some:

because the sensor can see your room in 3D [...] Kinect Adventures [...] will change the parameters of the game play on the fly based on the space in the living room. So it will tailor to the user, instead of the other way around.

My size fits me!

Meaning: if you have a bigger room - you’re going to be moving more, and if you have a tiny amount of space Kinect is okay with you moving a little less. This may seem trivial, but the idea behind it is fundamental because changing the game to fit YOU is different from what has ever been done before: we usually fit the game.

Kudo Tsunoda, Microsoft’s Xbox general, said the above it in the video below:

So, no need to clean up your game room (anymore)! Is that a good thing, or were you actually waiting for an incentive?