Kinect Adventures has been created by Good Science Studio, a part of Microsoft. We’ve had a chance to talk to the head of Good Science Studio: Shannon Loftis. People who said that girls, let alone moms, can’t make it in the gaming industry may now leave the room, as Shannon knows all there is to know about Kinect Adventures!

At the beginning of this week you (thanks!!helped us come up with interview questions to ask Shannon Loftis regarding Kinect and Kinect Adventures, and here is the first result.

One of the questions we asked was very focused on the Multiplayer aspects of Kinect Adventures, and you may find Shannon’s answer below.

Kinect Adventures Multiplayer options

Q: Are any of the activities in Kinect Adventures multiplayer? And is Xbox Live supported for multiplayer?

Everything in “Kinect Adventures” can be played multiplayer either side-by-side in the same living room or over Xbox LIVE. Kinect also has the capability to track up to eight players signed in, so in a party situation eight people can take turns playing. It’s a pretty cooperative game, and Achievements and rewards are shared among all who are signed in to play, so it’s great fun.

So this means that Kinect Adventures supports multiplayer, cooperative play and singleplayer experiences! Great stuff right? If the multiplayer options convinced you of the possibilities of Kinect, then be sure to check out your local web shop for availability of the Kinect Sensor, or a Kinect Bundle, that both include the Kinect Adventures game!

Game Longevity

Do you feel the multiplayer options in Kinect Adventures have the potential to increase the longevity of this Kinect Game?

Expect the rest of the interview to be up soon! All the Kinect Adventures news that we gathered can be found right here.