Akoo Kinect 1 Xbox Kinect Advertising: “You are the controller”

As told on DailyDooh, Microsoft has launched an advertisement campaign for Kinect on Akoo’s social music television network.  The campaign will be themed: “You Are the Controller” which will show a series of ads that will highlight a few of the Kinect launch titles, such as Kinect Adventures” href=”/tag/kinect-adventures”>Kinect Adventures

Additionally, Akoo has created overlay ads that will show during some of Akoo’s regular programming in order to support Microsoft’s video advertisements.  The interactive nature of Akoo’s network adds another dimension to the Kinect campaign because it allows consumers to participate in the programming experience with their mobile devices.  Viewers are able to discover content codes and win prizes via SMS text message or Akoo’s free Wi-Fi service.

Akoo Kinect 2 Xbox Kinect Advertising: “You are the controller”

Interestingly, studies have shown that 52% of viewers who recalled seeing an Xbox 360 ad on Akoo were more interested in purchasing an Xbox 360 console and 63% said that Akoo improved their opinion of the game console.  As said by Microsoft executives, their main focus of these ads is to introduce Kinect to a large audience, like moms, dads, and especially their core gamers.  With Akoo advertising Kinect with it’s innovative and interactive service, customers are just steps away from the retail transaction point.

Do you feel this cooperation will win over the Kinect target audience?

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