Max Payne + Alan Wake + Kinect....anyone? kinect news

Remedy might be making a Kinect game

Remember the developer Remedy? No? Well I guess you’ll remember Max Payne and Alan Wake, two of the more memorable games in gaming history (well Max Payne is more a franchise), both created by Remedy. And now Remedy might be working on a Kinect game!

Alan Wake Kinect?

If you head over the the Remedy job page you’ll see they are looking for a programmer to work on a new title using the Alan Wake engine. More interestingly is that one of the job requirements states:

Experience on motion-control technology (e.g. Kinect)

So this means that in the future we might have a game as awesome as Alan Wake and Max Payne, but controlled with Kinect! This could (and should) become an incredible game! Are you excited? I know I am! Be sure to order the Kinect (bundle) in your country.

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