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Besides playing awesome Kinect Games, and creating custom software for Kinect, you can also use it as an art and unleash another dimension of potential of Kinect. As some of you may know, Kinect uses infrared light which cannot be detected by the human eye, but can be by a camera.

A photographer took his Kinect and his camera, and, inspired by the new technology, tried to create Kinect Art. Also shown is Microsoft’s attempted Art in Germany’s Kinect launch!

Dancing with invisible Kinect light

As a photographer I am most interested in the nature and quality of light: how light behaves in the physical world, and how it interacts with and affects the subjects that it illuminates. For this shoot my models and I were essentially working blind, with the results visible only after each image was captured. Together, we explored the unique physicality of structured light, finding our way in the darkness by touch and intuition. Dancing with invisible light.

Kinect Art Photography and more... kinect news

Bizarre isn’t it? Checkout his full gallery for more inspiration!

Kinect Art in Germany

From the Youtube description:

Besides the individual photographer, Microsoft has also tried to use Kinect for an Art show in Germany upon the release of the peripheral. Germany’s sweetheart, the Dutch Sylvie van der Vaart, joined shoppers in Munich’s famous Karlsplatz to create a breathtaking piece of interactive art inspired by Kinect. State of the art technology allowed shoppers to take control of the iconic Stachus gate; bringing the ancient medieval structure to life by jumping, dancing, waving and gyrating. Kinect – you are the controller.

Now, would you be able to all of this awesome stuff with the Move, Mr. Mikhailov? Did you ever think of these applications with Kinect – be sure to share your Kinect&Art findings below!

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