Two years down the road from when Kinect was announced (and we were already here!) another Electronic Entertainment Expo awaits. Yes, great gamers of the Kinect realm: it’s time for E3 2012! For those of you unaware, it’s the most important new event around gaming in the year.

This post will be your Kinect guide through conference held at E3 2012 and will be updated as more news unfolds.

Live Conferences @ E3 2012

When any of the conferences below begin, we will be sure to put a link to the livestream here or embed a direct video feed, for your convenience.

FYI: Convert the times and dates to your timezone here.

  • Microsoft @ Monday, 4th of June 2012, 16:30:00 (GMT) [stream]
  • Ubisoft @ Monday, 4th of June 2012, 22:00 (GMT) [stream]
  • Electronic Arts @ Monday, 4th of June 2012, 20:00 (GMT) [stream]

Information around all of the Kinect games at E3 2012 can be found on this page.

Do you have any additional conference info to share on stuff all of us should be following? Be sure to post a link in the comments below, so we can update the list!

Thanks to 123KINECT visitor CorellianRogue for submitting this news!